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I am passionate about working with adults, young people and children and have been fortunate to have experience of working with all age ranges through talking therapy, creative therapy and therapeutic play.

Working with young people and children has develop my therapeutic creative and play skills, and understanding of the creative play. Proving the opportunities for clients to be creative allows them the opportunity to build their imagination and helps develop skills to be innovative problem solvers.
Cardiff Counselling is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychology. 
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Adults have the opportunity of accessing the service through phone calls, Zoom sessions and in person.

Most adults like to engage through the talking process and this can help the client gain a better understanding of their emotions, and identify the road blocks and obstacles. We can work together to process previous traumatic experiences, to overcome anxiety and insecurities to cope with stress.

If talking therapy is too much we can also add in some creative work to help express themselves, whilst developing coping strategies.


Having trained in and facilitated a variety of parenting courses, I am able to offer advice and support to help build stronger parent and child relationships.
Enabling both parent and child to communicate effectively and improve self-esteem and happiness. Reducing behaviour problems, by being better able to manage behaviour problems and reduce anxiety.
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Children have the option of engaging in the service through talking therapy, creative therapy and or therapeutic play.
Therapeutic play can enable the child to process their emotions, express themselves and find their own sense of identity. Through imaginative and creative play, children can reflect their emotions and raise their self-esteem in a non-threatening way.


Counselling sessions are 50 minutes long.

Individual online - £55
Individual face to face - £60
Couple online - £75
Couple face to face - £80