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Ruth Thomas Cardiff Counsellor

Hello, I'm Ruth

I work part time for the children’s mental health charity and part time in my own private practice Cardiff Counselling which I set up in 2013.

Through Cardiff Counselling I provide counselling for the employees of a large housing association locally, males and females, office based and trade based. I have also run Stress Awareness Training for teams in the company. I work with adults, teenagers and young children through the practice.

Throughout my counselling sessions the autonomy of the client is key and I am lead by the needs of the client. Through this process I have seen my clients change and grow throughout the sessions and no longer struggle with anxiety and depression.

My Background

I qualified has a BACP approved integrative counsellor in 2010 while working for a preventative service to social services.

Previously my background and training has been in behaviour therapy and modification while working at a behaviour treatment school in the States for 6 years. The school provided support, guidance and education for children from 5 years of age up to 21 years of age.

On return to Wales I began working and managing a preventative service working with parents/careers and their children to prevent family breakdown and children going into care. During this time I trained in and co-facilitated various parenting programs – Webster Stratton, PAFT (Parent As First Teachers), PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies), Coping with Young Children, Strengthening Families, Restorative Approaches and Motivational Interviewing.

Working closely with the families and individually has taught me the importance of giving the individual the space to connect to their inner voice to be able to express their worries and concerns in a safe non-judgmental space to enable change.

Once I qualified has a counsellor I began working as a secondary school based counsellor in RCT and then began managing a therapeutic play service and parent counsellor for a children’s mental health charity in a primary schools in Cardiff.